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Takeshi- the Alter Ego
Takeshi      -TAKESHI
Sure, we may recognize the Pewter City Gym Leader that travels with Ash and Misty as "Brock," but long before Brock, there was an identical character from the Pocket Monsters anime... named "Takeshi."  Basically, Takeshi is Brock, but simply the japanese equivalent.  However, the two have their own distinct voices, as well as some cultural differences.  Takeshi is also technically older than Brock because the U.S. is behind in terms of episodes.  This section will go into detail focusing on Takeshi only.   (But hey, the entire rest of this site is about Brock, so don't worry! ^_^)
"There is always something lost in the translation."  Such a phrase is especially true here.  Brock and Takeshi, though the same person, both have differences, which are listed below
Takeshi?  Brock?
Brock Takeshi
owns the Pewter City Gym owns the Nibi (or "Nivi") City Gym
owns: Geodude, Onix, Vulpix, Pineco and Golbat owns: Ishitsubute, Iwake, Rocon, Kunigidama and Crobat
makes the best "donuts" makes the best onigiri
bears the Boulder Badge bears the Grey Badge
speaks English (obviously) speaks Japanese (obviously)
voice actor: Eric Stuart voice actor: Ueda Yuuji

Takeshi Differences in the English/Japanese "Holiday in Aopulco" episode

Takeshi TAKESHI'S SONG- Takeshi no Paradise New!

          A short while back, I acquired a super-cool VCD (video cd) of the japanese episode of "Showdown in Pewter City!"  For the scarce number of you who don't know which episode that is, it's the one where Brock/Takeshi makes his first, and most impressive, appearance. The thing that makes this even better is the fact that it's rare, and it's in japanese!!  I really like Yuji Ueda's voice too!  It's a great fit for Takeshi's character!
          Below are some clips taken from the VCD.  These clips are done by me, and can't be found anywhere else!   You are not allowed to take these clips for your own website purposes, however.   If you see these clips on someone else's site, they have stolen them.  Please email me with the site's name so they can be thoroughly punished. ^_^
Ok, it'll be hard for you to understand what's going on in these scenes unless (1.) you've memorized the scene (like me), or (2.) you know japanese.  If you don't fall into either of those categories, I've included the English dub translation to the side of the movie link.    Oh yeah, and be careful!! These movies are LOUD!

These clips are now in Real Video format only!!  If you don't have a RealPlayer G2, go to and get it now!

Satoshi first meets Takeshi  (2.37MB)    Dub translation
Takeshi comments on the power of Iwaku (230KB)   Dub translation
Takeshi shows his kind nature with his siblings  (791KB)   Dub translation
Takeshi angrily recalls Ishitsubute and calls out Iwaku (2.04MB)   Dub translation
Takeshi gives his dad instructions, then takes off with Satoshi (3.65MB)   Dub translation
Takeshi swoons over a lady on the St. Annu-gou (667 KB)   Dub translation
Takeshi  WHAT'S IN A NAME?
The name "Takeshi" has its own specific meanings.   Unfortunately, the actual translations of the name and the meanings of the name are totally different. 
From the very old definition, Takeshi means "brave."   I suppose this could apply to Takeshi, but it seems clear that this was not the intended definition of his name.  From a baby names book I read in the library, the name itself seems to refer to being "unbendable" or "unbreakable" as in bamboo.  Is this correct?  I have no idea, but it looks like one of the more concrete meanings I've seen so far.
Something to consider is also the personality of a character with the name Takeshi.  I was actually able to find a whole paragraph describing the personality of a name from To see their analyzation of the name, click HERE.
Something else Takeshi has that Brock doesn't is certain soundtracks.   From the rare and difficult-to-get Anime Soundtrack, I've recorded some nice mp3s that have to do with Takeshi, along with descriptions of what they are and when they appear in the anime.  The same rules apply here as they did in the video clip section-- You are not allowed to take these clips for your own website purposes.  At the end of each soundtrack, the japanese pokedex makes a comment about when the particular piece of music appears in the show.
Takeshi give Satoshi his badge
Takeshi's Theme-  I call it his theme because the song first comes up when he is talking to Ash about his dream to become the world's best breeder (and then subsequently meets up with his father).  But why "Takeshi's theme", and not "Brock's theme"?  Well, oddly enough, this music is not found in the English dub of the same scene, and I have no idea why!  I think this music perfectly describes Takeshi.
Pocket MonstersTakeshi's Theme mp3
The tough Takeshi
The Nibi Gym-  This piece takes place when Satoshi first enters the Nibi Gym and meets Takeshi for the first time.  Again, this music wasn't present in the English dub, therefore the name "Nibi Gym", not "Pewter Gym".  Kinda creepy and dark sounding, but it works well with Takeshi's ominous looking gym.
Pocket MonstersThe Nibi Gym mp3
Go gym leader, go!
Gym Leader Theme-  Takeshi/Brock doesn't actually do anything during this music, but I included it because it is the re-done version of the Gym Leader battle music found in the Pokemon gameboy game, and, after all, Takeshi/Brock is a gym leader!
Pocket MonstersGym Leader Theme mp3
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